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The Flaska family, commonly associated with BIG Forklifts (Hoist Liftruck & Forklift Exchange), is returning to the manufacturing space! Instead of offering a wide range of models as we did under Hoist Liftruck, we will produce a select number of specialty forklifts that our partners do not currently manufacture or plan to manufacture. Ultimately, we intend to meet our customers' demands and serve as the industry's one-stop shop for all their high-capacity equipment needs. 


Manufacturing will occur in Bedford Park, IL, at our 200,000 square-foot facility which has produced large forklifts for almost 30 years! This is the same facility we commonly refer to as our Central Operations Hub, which is vital to our ability to provide world-class nationwide support for all brands we represent. 


Introducing our New Products 


The 80/100 and 100/140 Extendable Counterweight Forklifts. Extendable forklifts have become a game-changer for Riggers and Machinery Movers by increasing their mobility and lifting capacities. While the 25/35, 40/60, and 60/80 models dominate the market, our two new models give our customers a wider range of lifting capacities for any project thrown their way. Our trucks also provide customers with a "factory new" option, avoiding the purchase of old rehabbed machines that may raise concerns about structural integrity. 



Reserve your slot today; we will start delivering by the end of 2024! 

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